Food is not just fuel.

It serves us in many ways including enjoyment. And that is good news!

But when you've battled with weight and diets and food cravings for what feels like your whole life,
how do you build an appreciation of food, focus on the ones that serve you best, and not feel guilty or give yourself a grade after your meals?

This eBook is a great start to reflecting on how you view food and finding more peace on your post-op journey.

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    Hi, I'm Steph.

    Bariatric Dietitian and Co-CEO at Bariatric Food Coach, the hands-down most comprehensive library of bariatric nutrition resources.

    My partner CEO is my amazing husband, Kevin, web developer extraordinaire. Between his love for slinging code and my passion for bringing practical help to the bariatric community, we created this slice of the internet. We've been at it since 2012 and we aren't slowing down.

    My hope for all of us is to feel more equipped with both knowledge and actual, practical solutions. Download your free eBook on building a healthy relationship with food. I truly hope it supports your journey to freedom and wellness in your food life.